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STOP bleeding time, energy and cash flow…

… only to break even

… or worse, burning out in the process.

ATTN: B2B Consultants, Coaches, Creatives and Service Providers

When I launched out of my corporate role into my own business, I flung that door behind me and set my sights on freedom and passion.  Yet before long, I found my self in the same place many of us end up i.e. sleepless nights, anxiety-riddled mornings (thanks to coffee addiction) questioning why it feels like two steps forward-two steps back, finding some sort of success, but barely seeing any reward for your time and efforts.

Maybe you even ask yourself how to find a better way to maximise profits, work with clients you love, grow your cash flow, and really build a business that supports your lifestyle – instead of draining it of all the fun.

But how on Earth is that possible? You’re already doing everything “right”, right?


Working late nights
Overworked to say the least
Overwhelmed by managing client demands with zero time to actually work ON the business
Underpaid because you’re massively undercharging or trapped in the time for money trap or WORSE you're ploughing every last cent back into the business

Let me show you some stats—you ready?

50%+ of small business owners have felt burnt-out
50%+ work more than nine hours a day
50%+ earn LESS than 50k a year
50%+ fail within the first few years
75%+ of female entrepreneurs are financially unstable
… you get the picture!

Let’s Reverse 
The Trend, Shall We?

First and foremost, I know there is A LOT of fluff in the coaching space, hyped up promises and bait-and-switch tactics that make YOU feel guilty when the shiny programme someone offers you doesn’t work.

That’s not how we play here.

The Pash Flow Project team are enthusiastic but they are all about substance aka serious results.

Let’s get into the meaty stuff…

We all know cash is king, and cash flow is very important. BUT, if you’re not looking after your internal world – your headspace, your mindset – then your business will suffer consequences. You are your business’ biggest asset. Without you, your business is non-existent. That is why we are just as interested in your mental health as we are your bottom line.

Hi, I’m Rhys Parry Badkin

Business Coach, Chief Enthusiast, Profit First Professional & Professional Smorgasbord

I’m here to help you give you the proven tactics, resources and actionable frameworks to get RESULTS – but more than that to make you more resilient than you thought possible.

Put simply I’m here to help you scale your business without actually sacrificing your life to get there – heck I want us to actually to enjoy the ride

My philosophy is that business is personal, which is why the centre of everything we teach is that you need to put your own oxygen mask first – think of it as holistic business coaching if you will.


So, let’s get to it!

“We’re making 600%+ more money than before and I have the peace of mind to boot”

-James, Healthcare Consultant & CEO


“My business sky-rocketed and it’s not a flash in the pan – it’s sustainable success”

Sofia, Recruitment Consultant & Founder


“More Clients, More Money, More Fun – Thanks Rhys!”

Jason, Fine-Dining Chef and Home Cooking Consultant


“Profits have skyrocketed and we won Franchise of the year!”

Esther – HR Consultant and CEO


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