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Scale your firm without sacrificing your family to get there.

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STOP investing time, energy and cash flow…

… only to find yourself working longer and harder

… and worse, missing out on time with those you love

ATTN: B2B Consultants and Founders who refused to choose between family, time, and financial security.

When I launched out of my corporate role into my own business, I flung that door behind me and set my sights on freedom and passion.  Yet before long, I found my self in the same place many of us end up i.e. sleepless nights, anxiety-riddled mornings (thanks to coffee addiction) questioning why it feels like two steps forward-two steps back, finding some sort of success, but barely seeing any reward for your time and efforts.

Then when I decided to become a Father, I knew this rhythm would just not do.

Maybe you’re a bit like I was too.

Maybe you find yourself asking how to find a better way to maximise profits, work with clients you love, grow your cash flow, and really build a business that supports your family – instead of leaving the ones you love with just the sloppy seconds at the end of the day.

But how on Earth is that possible? You’re already doing everything “right”, right?


Working late nights
Overworked to say the least
Overwhelmed by managing client demands with zero time to actually work ON the business
Paying your self a sucky wage because you’re massively undercharging or trapped in the time for money trap or WORSE you're ploughing every last cent back into the business

Let me show you some stats—you ready?

36% of founders with families say the constant juggle slows business growth
54%+ of female founders are also the primary care-giver
30% of consultants with kids spend 50+ hours on childcare before they even open their laptop
75%+ of female entrepreneurs are financially unstable
… you get the picture!

Let’s Reverse 
The Trend, Shall We?

First and foremost, I know there is A LOT of fluff in the coaching space, hyped up promises and bait-and-switch tactics that make YOU feel guilty when the shiny programme someone offers you doesn’t work.

That’s not how we play here.

The Boardies team are enthusiastic about you, your family and your firm.

Let’s get into the meaty stuff…

We all know cash is king, and cash flow is very important. BUT, if you’re not looking after your internal world – your headspace, your mindset – then your business will suffer consequences. You are your business’ biggest asset. Without you, your business is non-existent. That is why we are just as interested in your mental health as we are your bottom line.

Hi, I’m Rhys Parry Badkin

Future Father, Family Builder, Profit Fanatic & Enthusiast for Quirkey Coffee Orders

I want to take a minute to honour my family of origin

My Dad, serial entrepreneur and visionary – I saw him sacrifice family time to build an empire. He taught me a lot.

My Mum, selflessly serving those she loved – I saw her sacrifice her business dreams for family. She taught me a lot.

I love what they have done for me.

I also believe nobody should have to make that choice anymore.

 In 12 months or so I’ll be becoming a Dad through surrogacy and I cant wait.

Family is everything for me.

It’s why I’m fanatical about bringing my 15+ years of experience of sales, people and systems to see you and those you love, thrive.

Let’s talk about that work-life harmony;

Let’s talk about building flexibility in the day and profits in the pockets;

Let’s talk about building an empire we love and a legacy that lasts.


Let’s do it together, friend.

“We’re making 600%+ more money than before and I have the flexibility to be with those I love”

-James, Healthcare Consultant & CEO


“My business sky-rocketed and it’s not a flash in the pan – it’s sustainable which means life is better for me AND the other half”

Sofia, Recruitment Consultant & Founder


“More Clients = More Money = Happy Dad to an incoming baby! – Thanks Rhys!”

Jason, Fine-Dining Chef and Home Cooking Consultant


“Profits have skyrocketed and we won Franchise of the year!”

Esther – HR Consultant, Mum of two and CEO


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