If you’re not profitable,


then what the heck is the point?




Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster

to a Money-Making Machine

Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to instantly increase profitability, eliminate debt and enjoy financial freedom on a level that you never have before, you’ve come to the right place.

Most businesses survive check by check, perhaps yours too.

If you are being told that profit is your bottom line, that belief is, in fact, damaging your business. It’s human nature, that what comes last is ignored and what comes first is priority. That’s why profit must come first. Always.

Is your business surviving check to check?
Profit First Professionals fixes that.

Does your Income Statement have a “net profit” at the end of the year, yet there is no extra cash in your pocket?
We fix that, too.

Are you tired of the old school “numbers in, numbers out, not pay me” accountants and financial experts who don’t take a single effective action in fattening your wallet?
We absolutely fix that.

Are you already enjoying financial success?
Discover how to double, triple or even quadruple your profits.

Want to discover your path to profitability?
Take your profit first.

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Hi, I’m Rhys Parry Badkin

Business Coach, Chief Enthusiast, Profit First Professional & Professional Smorgasbord

I’m here to help you give you the proven tactics, resources and actionable frameworks to get RESULTS – but more than that to make you more resilient than you thought possible.

Put simply I’m here to help you scale your business without actually sacrificing your life to get there – heck I want us to actually to enjoy the ride

My philosophy is that business is personal, which is why the centre of everything we teach is that you need to put your own oxygen mask first – think of it as holistic business coaching if you will.


So, let’s get to it!

“I honestly can not speak highly enough of this programme”

-James, Healthcare Consultant & CEO


“My business sky-rocketed and it’s not a flash in the pan – it’s sustainable success”

Sofia, Recruitment Consultant & Founder


“More Clients, More Money, More Fun – Thanks Rhys!”

Jason, Fine-Dining Chef and Home Cooking Consultant


“Profits have skyrocketed and we won Franchise of the year!”

Esther – HR Consultant and CEO


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